Witchcraft or Occult Involvement:  How to be Delivered

A deliverance minister will not guarantee deliverance to anyone. Why? Because only God knows the heart of the person. Everyone has a different perspective, a different intention, a different goal when requesting deliverance. The minister has no way of knowing what the person’s real motivation is, and if asked, the person might answer what he/she thinks the minister wants to hear. If the real goal or intention is not the right one, the result could be no deliverance, no matter how much the minister tries. I will explain.

For people who have actively practiced any kind of witchcraft or occult (and this includes worshipping other gods, other religions) and want deliverance, the situation is critical. Anybody that has this background, whether knowingly or unknowingly, has made a pact with God’s enemy, Lucifer.

On Earth, from the time of the Garden of Eden until now, there has been spiritual warfare between the Kingdom of Heaven and Lucifer and his evil entities. God created the human race to worship Him only, and when a human being, with his/her God-given free will, makes a pact with Lucifer, this human being commits high treason to God, the Creator of everything that exists. Humans have to choose sides, God or the devil. There is no neutral area.

God gave me a vision once, before I was born again. I was straddling a fence. The fence was about 30” high, with wood posts and rails. It extended to the horizon. On the right and left I saw a multitude of troops with old fashioned lances—the troops extended to a distance. I heard a voice say, “You have to choose a side!” I knew the right side was God’s, and I told Him, dismounting to the right, “I choose your side!” End of vision.

In that vision, there was not a third choice. Only two.

People might choose the dark side for different reasons. If things do not go their way and they want to get out, there is trouble. This is treason against Lucifer. The demons will make their life impossible. They will be tormented. Some then will want to get on the side of God, but doing this will not cure the torment. Deliverance will be needed.

Realize this: even people who have never been involved in witchcraft, the occult, or other religions can be tormented by demons–for other reasons. How much more people with occult backgrounds.

I once ministered to an ex-witch who had become a Christian and was going to church. During ministry Lucifer entered her to defend his position in her. Apparently she had not resigned all she had to resign. Lucifer is not what we call a demon; he is an evil entity of a higher rank, and does not live in a human body as a demon does. He just came in to defend the demons in the woman and stop her deliverance.

If an ex-witch becomes a Christian to be free from the torment of demons…guess what? It is the wrong motive. She/he might not receive any deliverance.

If there is no true repentance, you are not entering into covenant with God. The Bible says in Galatians 6:7, Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The point is that God cannot be mocked. He knows the hearts of the people.

In the Bible, when the Jewish people repented, they would dress in sackcloth, not eat or drink, and throw dirt in their heads. They would cry and moan for days until God would heard them.

What kind of repentance have you done? Are you truly repentant, or are you sorry that you are now tormented, and all you want is to get rid of the torment?

If you are really repentant, then you possibly will get delivered. But there is one thing the deliverance minister must do, and that is retrieving the pact with Lucifer. The pact is invisible. When the main witchcraft demon manifests, the minister must command the demon to give him/her the pact. After much insistence, the demon will extend the hand (of the person being ministered) and hand the minister the pact. What I do at that point is to call upon an angel and give him the pact to be destroyed.

After this, all the legal rights of those demons are gone, and the demons will be easier to cast out.

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