The Spiritual Meaning of Co-Dependence

A word of knowledge from the Lord, June 19, 2016

Father, please tell me what co-dependence is so that we can more efficiently minister to your child Diane.

My daughter, this term is used to describe a series of traumas that began in childhood that has allowed a variety of demons to enter the soul. A child in its formative stages is very fragile, very precious, very delicate and must be loved and cared for with utmost attention. When this does not occur, it opens the door to many demons of insecurity. As the person enters adulthood, the person has not learned or or been able to transfer trust in parents to trust in Me, their heavenly Father, because of the damage that has been done. The top demon is insecurity and below that one are many, such as fear, low self-esteem, distrust, fear of failure, neglect, lack of love, lack of discipline, failure to land, vagabond, can’t stay in one place, can’t have a permanent home, unable to bond, lack of self-respect, self-hate, lack of creativity, unable to believe, unable to trust, weakness, brittleness, frailness, vacillation, can’t get it right, failure to conform, have to please, don’t like myself, always have to give in, can’t do anything for myself, someone else is always right, can’t cry, can’t stop crying, hate myself, I’m no good, I’m weak, someone is always better than me, I can’t think for myself, I have to keep proving myself, I’m no good, I’m not worthy, I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, I want to kill myself, I want to die, I want to crawl in a hole and shrivel up, no one loves me, I don’t love myself, I hate myself, I can’t win and many other demons of self-hatred, You must find these demons and cast them out by the power of My Son’s blood, and she will be free and feel better than she ever has before. Tell her she will have to continue to fight after she leaves, but she will be victorious if she will fix her eyes on Me and remember this word. She will fight but I will be at her right hand.

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