Translating God, by Shawn Bolz

I purchased this book through the website. I have a deep desire to develop a gift of prophecy, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, to help people (including myself) through their walk with God. So, occasionally, I will pick up a book by people who write about how they hear God’s voice.

It appears Shawn Bolz was called to minister to movie stars and the like in Hollywood, California. I admire his courage – with all the trash that Hollywood puts out, this must be no easy feat. In the book he explains how you have to have courage and faith and take “huge risks” to step out and talk to people about God, sometimes with just an inkling of a vision or one word that the Lord gives you. When you step out in faith, then God gives you more words.

He stresses that loving people is the #1 condition to becoming prophetic–that your motivation must be nothing more than a strong desire to help people, and not to gain any favor or attention for yourself. He says, that as we get to know God, “you begin to absorb his affection for humanity. Your relationship with Him is the primary source and goal of revelation,” and that, “prophetic ministry is about your being a gateway to God’s thoughts, emotions, and heart for others through your connection to Him.”

He has used his gift to bring people to receive Jesus as Lord at amazing moments in time. He talks about the times when he is so bone-tired, he doesn’t feel like talking to people, but the Lord says, “Do it”, and he obeys, with amazing results.

I also got the CD package where Shawn told some stories that I don’t think were in the book. They were tremendous. I strongly recommend this package to those who wish to hear God’s voice more strongly in their lives in order to minister to others.

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