Poor health?

  • Do you ever wonder why some people get cancer and some people don’t?
  • Do you ever wonder why some people die of terrible diseases at a young age, and some people live to a ripe old age?
  • The doctors say, “It’s in the genes,” and that may be true, but what if there are other reasons?

Sometimes curses provoke diseases (note that in Jesus’ deliverance ministry, many diseases were cured through casting out a demon. This is why cancer might run in a family, because curses can run in a family, i.e. “the family genes”. In addition, deliverance ministers have noted that cancer and arthritis may be provoked by unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment. Also, there is a demon of early death that causes people to die at a young age. This demon could enter someone through a curse.

Difficulties, no prosperity?

  • Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have a golden touch and prosper at everything they do, and some don’t, as much as they try?
  • Do you ever wonder why to some people, everything comes easily without much effort, but to other people, everything seems to be difficult?

God blesses those who obey His laws, and He blesses them with prosperity. There are Biblical curses relating to the lack of prosperity that need to be broken.

Depression, unstable emotions?

  • Do you ever wonder why some people are sad and depressed when they seem to have no reason to be, while other people are happy even when confronting problems and difficulties?
  • Do you ever wonder why some people seem to be emotionally stable – nothing disturbs them – while others come unglued at the drop of a hat?

Although depression and emotional instability are very much related to how much faith and trust people have in God, there is also the chance that the demons of depression, despair and hopelessness need to be cast out.

Do you feel cursed?

  • Have you ever felt like a “black cloud” follows you around?
  • Do you ever feel like you’ve been “cursed”?
  • Have people called you “clumsy”?

Curses are real, and there are different kinds of curses: biblical curses, witchcraft curses, self-imposed curses. Curses need to be broken and the demons that came with the curses cast out.

Where did that thought come from?

  • Do you ever think thoughts that you feel are not your own?
  • Do you ever say or do something that you didn’t mean to, and felt like, “The devil made me do it?”

Demons manipulate our mind, our will and our emotions. They plant thoughts in our mind that will make us confused, and if we believe that those thoughts are ours, we might even act upon them (i.e. women who hear voices telling them to kill their children).

Bad relationships?

  • Do you ever feel that you’re powerless to break off a destructive relationship – like, you just can’t do it – even though you want to or need to?
  • Or, if you have ended the relationship, does the memory of that person frequently haunt you?

There are spiritual bonds formed in relationships between people and other people, animals or objects called evil soul ties that need to be broken in the name of Jesus. These ties can be very strong, and you may need help from an experienced deliverance minister to break these ties.

Marital, family problems?

  • Do you ever strike your children or scream at them uncontrollably – but you really love them – and wonder why you are behaving this way?
  • Do you ever feel that your wife wants to control and manipulate you and put you down? Do you ever feel that your wife wants to rule the roost, and you feel out of place in the marriage?

There’s nothing that Satan likes better than provoking family and marriage problems. In the case of children being abused, there might be demons both in the parents and the children that play on each other to provoke the abuse situation. In the case of a controlling wife, what is working in the marriage is a demon called Jezebel. If the husband doesn’t mind the wife controlling and manipulating, it’s because he is overcome by a spirit called Ahab (see I Kings 21:25).

Defeated Christian?

  • Are you a Christian who wants to live the way God wants you to live, but can’t seem to do it? Do you feel compelled to do things you know you shouldn’t do?
  • Have you ever had a good Christian friend “pray” for you, but you really haven’t seen any results?

Jesus told His disciples to preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. It was ONE command to do the four things. When the gospel is preached, both healing and deliverance need to be ministered. A Christian that cannot live the way He knows God wants him to live needs deliverance from the demons that are compelling him to think and do wrong.

Nightmares, surreal things?

  • Do you suffer from nightmares? Have the popular horror movies you’ve watched had an effect on your personal peace?
  • Have you ever had weird or surreal or scary things happen in your bed or your bedroom while you’re trying to sleep?

Emotional traumas open the door for demons to invade. When a child watches a horror movie, he is opening himself up to receive demons of fear. Demons of fear will provoke nightmares. Furthermore, if a person gets involved in the occult, it opens doors for apparitions and for poltergeist demons to act in the household. Poltergeist demons like to move objects around, make noises and make objects appear or disappear.


  • Are you constantly plagued with thoughts of your own unworthiness, inabilities, faults, or insecurities?
  • Are you a victim of overwhelming shyness or introvertedness, to the point that it affects your career or personal relationships or ability to find a mate?

Demons of rejection might come into a person at the time of conception when mother, father or grandparents know about a pregnancy. If any of them react negatively, it opens a door for the demon of rejection to come into the embryo. This person will grow up feeling rejected, unworthy, and insecure and will need deliverance of the family of rejection demons.

Visited a witch, medium, spiritualist, palm reader?

  • Have you ever had your future told by a palm reader or a medium? Has your life been negatively affected by what he or she said to you? Do you regret going to see the medium?
  • Do you suspect that someone who doesn’t like you has visited a witch to put some kind of curse upon you?

Getting involved with the occult opens doors to very strong demons. When a demon of witchcraft comes into a family, it will stay in that family for generations and at some point might give supernatural powers to a member of the family. If a Christian has an ancestor who has visited a witch or been a witch, the Christian needs much deliverance of the inherited witchcraft demons. Witchcraft curses are real and need to be broken in the name of Jesus, and the demons that came with the curses cast out.

Participated in witchcraft, relatives in witchcraft?

  • Are you from a culture that has been known to participate in voodoo, santeria, wicca or any other kind of witchcraft? Are you aware of any ancestors who participated in witchcraft back in the old country?
  • Do you have a feeling that some of the rituals they participated in were not the right thing to do, or that these acts may somehow be affecting your life today in some unexplainable way?

Any Christian who has gone to a medium or witch or has ancestors who have needs to be delivered of the demons that entered during the visit(s). Those demons are affecting each successive generation. If you suspect that someone has put a witchcraft curse on you, you need to have it broken in the name of Jesus, and the demon that came with the curse needs to be cast out.

Compulsions, addictions?

  • Do you ever feel compulsions that you can’t control?
  • Do you have any addictions that you just can’t shake, no matter how hard you try? Alcohol, drugs, overeating, sex, something else?

Demons manipulate your will and your emotions, giving you compulsions and addictions. You need to break this vicious circle by getting deliverance from those demons.

Losing your mind?

  • Have you spent thousands of dollars in counseling or therapy but not ever really seen any of the behavioral changes or results you desire with your life?
  • Do you feel like your life is out of control? Do you feel like you’re going crazy sometimes?

Demons attack your mind and speak to your mind. You might think you’re hearing voices or thinking unusual thoughts, but it is the demon speaking to you and giving you confusion. You need deliverance of these.

Fears, worries, poverty?

  • Do you ever have unreasonable fears or worries that constantly plague you?
  • Is money an issue for you? Do you never seem to have enough to make ends meet? Do you feel like you could be in a potential poverty cycle?

A demon that produces irrational fears is very commonly found in people. There is a fear of poverty demon, but when you really have financial problems, the reason might be a curse of poverty in your life that needs breaking.

Problem with children?

  • Are you a woman who just can’t conceive a child, no matter what you’ve tried to do about it?
  • Are you afraid that your infant might suddenly die from “crib death”?
  • If you have a child, is he or she out of control and impossible to manage? Is this child making you miserable with his or her behavior problems?

When a woman cannot conceive a child, the curse of Hanna needs to be broken and the demon needs to be cast out. A demon named Lilith is the one that has to be dealt with regarding crib death.

Children inherit demons while in the womb as a result of their ancestors’ sinful activities and need deliverance just like adults (demons may be a cause of birth defects, stillbirths, etc.). They need to have the curses broken and the demons cast out. The behavior problems of children many times are due to demonic activity in their lives. There is a great example of deliverance of a child’s behavioral problem in my book, Power to Tread.

Seen a UFO? Been abducted?

  • Have you ever seen a UFO (flyer saucer)? Have you ever seen an alien?
  • Have you ever been abducted by a UFO or alien?
  • Have you ever found yourself to have inexplicably lost time? Or found yourself waking up where you did not go to sleep?

Many people are afraid to discuss their UFO experiences with other people because of fear of rejection (people might think they’re crazy or hallucinating). We believe UFOs are real – they’re not UNIDENTIFIED Flying Objects – they’re IDENTIFIED Flying Objects: DEMONS! If you have had a meeting with an alien, you need deliverance. More than likely, you will need occult curses broken and the demons cast out.

Homosexual, bisexual, lust after pornography?

  • Are you a Christian who can’t seem to shake thoughts of desiring someone of your own sex?
  • Are you a Christian who desires to walk the narrow path but can’t stop looking at pornography?

Sexual deviance, particularly homosexuality, is caused by a demon named Jezebel and her network of goddesses. Jezebel and her entire network need to be cast out after the Christian has made a commitment to resist the devil in this area.

Pornography and lust are demons that can be cast out, again after the Christian has made a firm commitment to resist the devil in their areas of weakness.

Witchcraft, occult?

Have you ever dabbled in witchcraft, played with a Ouija board or Dungeons & Dragons, or experimented with anything occultic? Did it frighten you? Have you felt different ever since? Have you had nightmares or weird/surreal things happen that you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about? Do you wish you hadn’t touched the occult?

If your friends have lured you into getting involved in witchcraft, working spells, playing with the Ouija Board or role-playing with Dungeons and Dragons, and you feel different, then you need deliverance. If you’re having nightmares or feel that you’re being visited at night by a presence in your room, you need to talk to your parents or your pastor because you will need to be delivered of the spirits you picked up by your activity.

Rejection, loneliness?

Do you feel unloved? Do you feel like people reject you? Did or do your parents reject you? Do you feel unworthy? Do you hate yourself or feel suicidal sometimes? Do these thoughts make you feel sad or depressed? Do you long for a time when you can feel good about yourself and be free of those feelings of rejection?

Feeling unloved and unworthy, looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking thoughts like, “You’re ugly, you’re fat, nobody loves you” — these are thoughts demons are placing your mind. Believe me, they’re not your own thoughts, because God made you perfect. You need to be delivered of demons of rejection, self-rejection, depression, despair, loneliness and suicide.

Bad luck? No luck? Down on your luck?

you feel like a black cloud follows you around? Do you feel like some people have the “magic touch” and everything comes easily to them, while everything comes hard for you? Do you regularly have strings of accidents or problems, one after another? Do you feel like you’re “cursed”?

If you feel that you’re cursed, it’s because you are. Curses are real. It could be a curse that someone you know placed on you, or it could be a curse that you inherited from your ancestors. Either way, the curse can be broken in the name of Jesus Christ, and the demon that came with the curse cast out, and you will be set free.

Drugs, alcohol?

Are you addicted to certain drugs or alcohol? Do you feel that the addiction is taking you down a road you’d rather not go on, or ruining your life? Would you like to kick your habit, but you can’t? Would you like a second chance to make a fresh start?

If this is something that runs in the family, then it is a family curse that has to be broken back 10 generations or so, and the demons that came with the curse cast out. If you picked this up by yourself because of peer pressure or out of your own curiosity, a demon came into you that won’t let you quit. This demon needs to be cast out.