Faith is Like an Ear of Corn

I had a little vision of the representation of Faith. Faith is like an ear of corn. To get to the ear of corn, you have to pull, strip and throw away the covering that surrounds the corn. Faith is the same way. You have the ear of corn, the faith, but you have to pull down, tear off and throw away all the barriers between you and the corn. Even those little strings the corn has could represent little voices that keep telling you “it can’t be done”. But you keep pulling off those little strings until the corn is ready to be eaten. So with Faith, you have to keep pulling off all the little voices until you don’t hear them anymore and then you really have faith that you can “sink your teeth into”. In other words, you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, but you have to fight off all the doubts that attack your faith – fight and fight and fight – until just the faith remains.

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