Miracles From Heaven, by Christy Wilson Beam

You may recognize the title, Miracles From Heaven, as a movie that came out in 2016 with actress Jennifer Garner, a true story about a young girl who developed a rare, incurable digestive disorder, and was miraculously cured when she accidentally fell into a hollow tree from a very high branch. It’s a crazy story how she was rescued, and what happened to her while she was inside at the bottom of this hollow tree.

As usual, the book was much better and more detailed than the movie, although the movie wasn’t bad. Christy talks about how her daughter saw Jesus and had an out of body experience in Heaven. It’s another book to add to your collection of books about the afterlife. When you lose someone you love, it’s nice to read these kinds of books, because it bring peace and comfort. It’s a good read.

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