Talk to Me

December 9, 2018

Man is so self-centered that you think that I am far away, that I don’t want to talk to you, that I don’t want to meet with you. But in fact it is you who fall short. When you don’t meet with Me, when you don’t pray to Me, when you don’t talk to Me, you build up a barrier around you, a spiritual barrier. You see, I am ALWAYS there. I said I would never leave or forsake you. But YOU build the barrier. Your spiritual ears get plugged with the muck, the soil, the dirt of this world and you cannot hear Me. You are the one who can change this, you are the one who can unplug your ears because I am always at hand. So begin today. Come to Me. Seek Me. Pray to Me. Talk to Me. Have a relationship with Me. Then you will hear my voice and see the miracles happen.

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