Spiritual Inertia

Spiritual Inertia

Mandy and I have been ministering deliverance to a very nice young lady who had some problems, among them marriage problems due to Jezebel. We ministered to her two or three times and then lost touch with her. She recently contacted us for more help. Her email was a sad story of sickness and job loss as a result. We’ll call her Nikki for this story.

Mandy interceded for Nikki in her prayer time after reading her email. That night, Mandy had a dream. In the dream she saw twin snake heads coming out of a hole in the bottom of a hanging burlap bag. The snakes had heads that resembled alligator heads, very evil looking. The next scene in the dream was Mandy standing on a ladder trying to get away from one snake, while at a distance in front of her, her (now deceased) husband was being attacked and strangled by the other snake, so much so that the sounds of his strangulation and gasping for air while she screamed in futility woke her up.

Before out next meeting with Nikki, Mandy asked the Lord for a word about her and the meaning of the dream:

“My child, the two snakes represent a double dose of witchcraft coming from two direction. The enemy is intent upon destroying Nikki and her husband. Nikki must learn to fight and stand resolutely on My promises. She must get My Word deep down into her heart. She must think of Me not only as her loving Father, but also as her warrior king, her shield, her strength, her high tower, her rock and her fortress. She must learn to fight spiritually the moment she discerns something is not right. Running to the doctors will not help in a spiritual battle. She must discern the spiritual from the physical. Pray with her that her mind, her eyes and her ears are opened up to discern constantly good vs. evil. In this way she will defeat the enemy. She needs to turn back and deflect the fiery darts of the enemy that are piercing her soul. She must say, “Enough is enough!” and make her face like a flint.

“She must learn to command and not accept. She must train herself for battle because she has many enemies who want to see her destroyed. But My power and My love conquers all. She must lean on Me and turn to Me with all her heart. She must not only pray but understand the power of My Word – it must be concrete in her heart. It’s time to study to show herself approved.

“Nikki, you must light the fire. The fire of God will destroy the works of the enemy, but you must light the fire in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. You must become steadfast and resolute, and don’t let anything get in your way from overcoming the darkness. Call upon My Name and I will help you.”

Nikki came for deliverance, and we almost did not recognize her.  She was very thin, having lost a great deal of weight from her sickness and vertigo, for which the doctors could find no cause.

In ministering to Nikki, we found she really was not doing spiritual warfare as we had advised her. When she felt ill, she ran to the doctors who could not give her a diagnosis, and then became too weak to fight the devil.

We feel that it is okay to go to doctors, but we must also conduct spiritual warfare. “Resist the devil and he will flee” before he does any damage.

We started ministering to her by breaking curses, and we found the names of two women who had sent curses to her, which were represented in Mandy’s dream by the two snakes.

I went to my study to make copies of the word that Mandy had received from the Lord to give to Nikki, at which point the Lord told me, “spiritual inertia”.

Definition of inertia (Webster’s Dictionary):

In physics, the tendency of matter to remain at rest if at rest, or if moving, to keep moving in the same direction, unless affected by some outside force. A tendency to remain in a fixed condition without change; disinclination to move or act.

(If the Apostles had suffered from inertia, the Book of Acts would have not been written. There would have been no action to be reported.)

I came back and commanded the demon of spiritual inertia to leave in the name of Jesus. The demon manifested upset, asking me in an angry tone, “How did you know I was here?”  It was cast out.

Last night, a young lady from Mexico called me, very interested in deliverance and trying to find out more in order to receive it. She mentioned that she belonged to a youth group where there was an interest in deliverance. She asked one of the young men in the group if his pastor ministered deliverance, to which he replied that the pastor talked about it but did not do it.

Could this be spiritual inertia?

Years ago, I read a book by John Wimber in which he explained how he got his start in Christianity. He was a hippie, and a friend had been asking him to go to church with him, which he kept refusing. Then the man invited John to a home meeting, and he went. There John was given a Bible which he started reading, taking note of certain stories in the Gospels….

….When invited again to church, John accepted. After church, his friend asked him how he liked it. John replied, “ It was very nice but, when do you do the stuff?”

The man asked, “What stuff?”  John replied, “Well, you know, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils!”  The friend replied, “Oh, we talk about it, but we don’t do it!“

John decided that instead of going to the church, he would go to the park where his hippie friends congregated and start DOING. He preached the gospel, healed the sick, etc.  People started following him, and soon he had to find a place to have church. And that’s how the Vineyard church movement was founded.

No spiritual inertia there.

The Spiritual Meaning of Co-Dependence

The Spiritual Meaning of Co-Dependence

A word of knowledge from the Lord, June 19, 2016

Father, please tell me what co-dependence is so that we can more efficiently minister to your child Diane.

My daughter, this term is used to describe a series of traumas that began in childhood that has allowed a variety of demons to enter the soul. A child in its formative stages is very fragile, very precious, very delicate and must be loved and cared for with utmost attention. When this does not occur, it opens the door to many demons of insecurity. As the person enters adulthood, the person has not learned or or been able to transfer trust in parents to trust in Me, their heavenly Father, because of the damage that has been done. The top demon is insecurity and below that one are many, such as fear, low self-esteem, distrust, fear of failure, neglect, lack of love, lack of discipline, failure to land, vagabond, can’t stay in one place, can’t have a permanent home, unable to bond, lack of self-respect, self-hate, lack of creativity, unable to believe, unable to trust, weakness, brittleness, frailness, vacillation, can’t get it right, failure to conform, have to please, don’t like myself, always have to give in, can’t do anything for myself, someone else is always right, can’t cry, can’t stop crying, hate myself, I’m no good, I’m weak, someone is always better than me, I can’t think for myself, I have to keep proving myself, I’m no good, I’m not worthy, I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, I want to kill myself, I want to die, I want to crawl in a hole and shrivel up, no one loves me, I don’t love myself, I hate myself, I can’t win and many other demons of self-hatred, You must find these demons and cast them out by the power of My Son’s blood, and she will be free and feel better than she ever has before. Tell her she will have to continue to fight after she leaves, but she will be victorious if she will fix her eyes on Me and remember this word. She will fight but I will be at her right hand.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me

December 9, 2018

Man is so self-centered that you think that I am far away, that I don’t want to talk to you, that I don’t want to meet with you. But in fact it is you who fall short. When you don’t meet with Me, when you don’t pray to Me, when you don’t talk to Me, you build up a barrier around you, a spiritual barrier. You see, I am ALWAYS there. I said I would never leave or forsake you. But YOU build the barrier. Your spiritual ears get plugged with the muck, the soil, the dirt of this world and you cannot hear Me. You are the one who can change this, you are the one who can unplug your ears because I am always at hand. So begin today. Come to Me. Seek Me. Pray to Me. Talk to Me. Have a relationship with Me. Then you will hear my voice and see the miracles happen.

Faith is Like an Ear of Corn

Faith is Like an Ear of Corn

I had a little vision of the representation of Faith. Faith is like an ear of corn. To get to the ear of corn, you have to pull, strip and throw away the covering that surrounds the corn. Faith is the same way. You have the ear of corn, the faith, but you have to pull down, tear off and throw away all the barriers between you and the corn. Even those little strings the corn has could represent little voices that keep telling you “it can’t be done”. But you keep pulling off those little strings until the corn is ready to be eaten. So with Faith, you have to keep pulling off all the little voices until you don’t hear them anymore and then you really have faith that you can “sink your teeth into”. In other words, you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, but you have to fight off all the doubts that attack your faith – fight and fight and fight – until just the faith remains.