Tia’s Testimony

November 1, 2006

I am writing this testimony on the day we’re bringing my great aunt (Tia) home from a nursing home (she lives in my parents’ home). Praise God for His goodness and faithfulness. He is worthy of all praise and honor and glory, and especially for educating us on the things we need to know to fight the good fight of faith in this life.

My 93-year old great aunt fell and broke her hip over Labor Day weekend. Traditionally, this kind of injury is devastating for anyone, but especially a frail woman in her 90s.

At first, my mother and I did not know she had such a severe injury. But we knew something was wrong, and we started the spiritual warfare. While she was in the emergency room, we started breaking the power of the words of the nurses, like, “She probably broke her hip.”

Over the next few days in the hospital, we began to break curses or simply, the power of negative spoken words*, over her continuously. When the doctors said she might not survive the surgery because her heart was weak, we broke that spoken malediction. Every time we heard people say something that wasn’t life-giving, we broke it under our breath as they were speaking it or after they left the room. We live in an area that is heavily populated by people of eastern cultures (hindu, buddhist, muslim), and the majority of people employed at the hospital are of these descents. We bound the strongman over the hospital, and commanded all the demons out of her room. We bound all the demons in the doctors and nurses who worked with her. We asked the Lord to give the doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists, etc. perfect wisdom during her surgery.

Friends and relatives we spoke to predicted the worst. They began to tell stories of people they knew who had broken their hips and never recovered, fell into depression, etc. We, of course, broke the power of all those words.

The doctors said that after the surgery, my aunt would be in a respirator in the ICU for two or three days. But when we went to see her, she had been brought out of surgery without a respirator and was in the ICU for only 10 hours. However, she was in a lot of pain. We cast out the spirit of pain** and all the demons that came in from the trauma of the fall and the hospitalization. We commanded all the demons to come out of the blood from the blood transfusion she had, and we commanded all the demons that came in from the cut during the surgery and from all the needles she had been poked with. We commanded the spirit of death to leave. My aunt had a lot of deliverance and no more pain!

We spoke prayers of life over her, strength (the joy of the Lord is our strength); we asked for ministering angels to minister her back to full recovery.

After she was dismissed from the hospital, she had to go to a nursing home to recover and get physical therapy. We imagine most people at her age probably don’t leave the nursing home once they’re in. However, mom and I continued the spiritual warfare, ministering to her in her room before she received a roommate (we actually petitioned the Lord that the other bed would remain empty so we could continue to minister to her privately. This was the case for about a couple of weeks, which was just what we needed.) We anointed her room with oil and commanded any resident demons to leave.

One interesting side note is the fact that my aunt ended up in this nursing home. Her sister, my grandmother, died at 98 and never saw a nursing home. However, my aunt, who has a stubborn streak, in the past had placed curses upon herself, saying, “I want to go to a nursing home” whenever she got into arguments with my mother. My mother would tell her that she didn’t know what she was saying. Of course, once she finally got to the nursing home, she couldn’t wait to get out! Do not curse yourself!!! Be careful what you say in the heat of an argument, and do not let your emotions (more than likely, demons) run away with you and cause you to say things you will surely regret.

My aunt continued to recover rapidly. We were amazed and kept saying we had to write this testimony. From the time she broke her hip to the time she returned home to life as usual was not even 9 weeks.***

Thank you Lord for your goodness and mercy and teaching us how to battle the enemy!

*God created everything with His spoken Word. There is power in words, negative and positive. This is not new-age thinking, this is Biblical.

**Evidently in this case, there was a spirit of pain because after we cast it out, she had no more pain. God created us to feel pain in our body, which tells us that something is wrong-such as the heat from picking up a hot dish tells us to put it down because of the burning pain. However, a demon of pain can come in and aggravate an already difficult situation. We have the authority to cast it out in the name of Jesus!

***She died at almost 99.