The King Scatters with His Eyes

I was teaching and ministering deliverance to a group of ladies in Louisiana one weekend and had promised my husband I would be home by a certain time. I had to leave at noon in order to do this. At five minutes to noon, a young woman came to me and asked me if I would minister to her. As I was about to say, “no”, the Lord said, “Do it.” “Ok, Lord,” I said. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was ministering to a former witch who had a host of evil spirits that needed to be cast out. This type of ministry usually takes days and weeks, maybe even months.

As I began to minister, a strange manifestation began to occur in the woman. A friend of mine who can hear clearly from the Lord was there ministering also. I asked her to ask the Lord what was going on. She said, “Yes, it is a demon. Yes, it is a prince. Yes, it is Lucifer.” A prince of the power of the air named Lucifer had dropped into the woman to protect Satan’s turf (in my haste, I had forgotten to pray a prayer of protection and prevention of powers of the air to interfere with the deliverance).

The demon manifested as ice cold. It wouldn’t even look at me, just glancing at me through the corner of slitted eyes and threatening me through a clenched jaw. The demon said he was going to destroy me. I countered back with scriptures. Realizing what I was up against with so little time, I looked at the clock and cried, “Jesus, help me!” The demon flinched, voice cracking, saying, “Don’t say that!” I thought, “Oh, yeah???” I repeated, “Jesus, help me!” All of the sudden, the young woman, who was sitting on the sofa, began to arch her back clear off the sofa and make gurgling noises. My friend and I looked in awe and amazement at what was going on, never having seen anything like this in all our years of ministry. Then I received a mental image of what was going on.

I saw a narrow hallway in my home where the front door was located and a number of men pushing and shoving and climbing all over each other, desperate to be the first ones to get out the door. Finally after a minute or so, the woman was delivered and her body settled back onto the sofa.

The woman said, “He was here.” We said, “Who was here?” She said, “Jesus. He was standing right there,” and she pointed to spot on the rug next to us. She said, “All He had to do was look, and they left.”

Several months later, I was reading the Proverbs and came across this scripture:

A king who sits on the throne of judgment scatters all evil with his eyes. Proverbs 20:8 (NKJV)

And that’s exactly how it happened. Praise God!