My Testimonial – Part II

About three years after I became a Christian, I heard the Lord say to me, “You have demons, and you must have them cast out.” Because I never had a religious upbringing, I didn’t even question it. After all, I had already heard God’s voice, and I recognized it.

I didn’t know anyone who ministered deliverance, so I called some of my mature Christian friends to ask them if they knew anybody who cast out demons. They would ask, “Why are you asking these questions?” I would reply, “Because I want them to minister to me.” They would laugh at me and say, “To you? You don’t have any demons!” I would reply, “How do you know that?” They would say, “Because you go to church all the time, you read your Bible, and you even have a prayer meeting in your home Friday nights. People like you don’t have demons.”

Some time later, one of those friends called me and said, “I’m reading a book you’d be interested in.” It was one of Win Worley’s books (Win Worley was the pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church near Chicago, and he taught about deliverance and ministered deliverance. In fact, the whole congregation ministered deliverance.) I asked my friend to give me the address so I could order the book. The book arrived and I started reading it. I found something in the book that was interesting, and I made a copy of it and mailed it to my pastor for his opinion.

I didn’t hear from my pastor until Friday night when he arrived to the prayer meeting at our home. I then asked him if he had received that note, and he said yes, but casually dismissed the subject of the note. That evening, a very depressed young lady sat behind me. When the pastor finished his teaching, he came and sat next to the young lady and started praying for her. The Lord told me, “Put your hand on her.” So, I turned around and put my hand on her knee. At that moment, something strange happened to the girl. I learned that night how a demon manifests! The pastor didn’t know how to handle the situation and went to sit in a corner. The pastor’s wife came to try to minister to the girl. The demon threw the girl to the floor, but nothing much happened. The demon wasn’t cast out.

My First Time to Minister to Someone

The following Sunday at church, the pastor called me up front to pray for a lady. I’d never been called to minister in church before, so I wondered if I could rise to the occasion. The pastor told me that the lady wanted prayer because she could not pray in tongues any longer, and he left. I was wondering how I was going to pray, when this scripture came to my mind: “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 18:19). So, I quoted the scripture to the woman and told her that the Lord was going to help her start praying in tongues again. I told her, “Now, you try to pray in tongues, and I’ll pray in tongues with you.” I started praying in tongues, and the Lord told me, “Put your hand on her stomach.” I immediately did that, and she started manifesting a demon. I recognized the manifestation because I had seen it for the first time the previous Friday. And I thought, “Well, first time I come up front in a church to minister to somebody, and it is a demon!”

I didn’t think I could help her, so I started waving to the pastor to come over – I was not that far away from him – although he was facing me, he didn’t react. It seemed that he couldn’t see me. So, I started waving to the pastor’s wife. There was no reason she couldn’t see me, but she didn’t react either. I started waving to the only elder of the church. He didn’t react either. It was as if I were invisible. As soon as that thought hit my mind, the Lord told me: “I am with you, and I am enough.”

Then, I had the courage to command the demon to leave in the name of Jesus, and the woman had deliverance of that demon. On the way out of the church, the pastor was saying goodbye to the church members at the door of the church. I told him, “Pastor, that lady had deliverance!” The pastor said, “Oh, praise God”, but I could tell he didn’t believe me.

I was amazed at the power of Jesus, and the power of the name of Jesus to cast demons out. As I was driving home, I was telling Him how wonderful it was, and how easy it was casting out demons in His name. And, as I was saying that, He told me, “Rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” (Luke 10:20)

My First Trip to Hegewisch Baptist Church

When the book I ordered had arrived, it came with an invitation to go to a deliverance workshop at Hegewisch Baptist Church. Because of the reaction of my pastor to the question that I had asked him in the note, I decided not to tell him that I was going to that workshop. I went to the workshop, I learned a lot about deliverance, and I also received lots of deliverance.

I was never into witchcraft, and none of my ancestors–that I know of–were involved in witchcraft or any of the occult. I had a very straight-laced upbringing and was never a thief, or a murderer, or an adulterer, or any of the things that the world considers evil. I lived a normal life, I was happily married, and I had my own business. However, plenty of demons came out of me that first time that I had deliverance ministered to me. I was amazed.

The Buddha

During the ministry, I started speaking Japanese. The girl who was ministering to me asked me if I had a Buddha in my house. I said, “No!” She said, “The Lord is showing it to me: it is this tall and is made of white ceramic.” She was right! I had a figure in my house that was that tall and made out of white ceramic, but I didn’t know it was a Buddha.

Several years before, I had gone to a Japanese restaurant with your father in which they served drinks in white ceramic containers with different Japanese figures. I had selected the drink that came in a Geisha container. At the end of the meal, the waitress gave me my “souvenir” container in a plastic bag. But, when I opened up my bag at home to pull out my Geisha, I pulled out this fat old man figurine container. I thought it was some Japanese folklore figure. I didn’t know this figure was a Buddha. The Buddha I knew, I realized later, was the Hindu or the Indian Buddha, so I didn’t think that this figure was a Buddha. I was going to throw it away, but I like white ceramic, so I decided to put a flower arrangement in it.

Later, when I would read my Bible in the room where that figure was, the Holy Spirit would ask me, “Why do you have an idol here?” I would argue and say that it was not an idol, and that if it was, I was not praying to it anyway–that when I prayed, I went to another room, and prayed in front of a blank wall. I should have paid attention to the Holy Spirit.

The American Indian Framed Print

During my ministry, the girl also asked me if I had American Indian blood. I said, “No, all my ancestors are from Spain and France.” Then she asked me if I had any American Indian artifacts at home. I said, “No.”

As you know, I was an interior designer, and I came across a lot of American Indian décor, but I never felt inclined to buy any, except for one thing. It was a very contemporary serigraph by a very popular American Indian artist. Over a plain yellow background it depicted an Indian walking in profile. The Indian was wearing a long feather headdress and had a hatchet in his hand. I couldn’t think of it as an American Indian artifact.

When the deliverance was over, the girl told me, “When you get home, destroy the Buddha – put it in a plastic bag, and smash it to pieces.” When I got home, I did just that, and I also burned a poster of Darth Vader in the backyard. This poster was very hard to burn – I had to use a lot of lighter fluid on it to get it to burn. I did this because I had heard demons coming out of people giving the name, Darth Vader (this was during the Star Wars craze).

When I finished, I sat down with my daughter to tell her what had transpired at the workshop. As I told her about the American Indian demon that the minister had discerned, I remembered the artwork of the Indian. I remembered that when I brought that framed art home, I couldn’t find a place in the house to hang it. I didn’t like how it looked anywhere, so I had left it leaning against the wall in the living room next to the piano. Sometimes, when I was reading my Bible in the living room, I would lift my eyes from the Bible and would see that poster. The Holy Spirit would tell me, “Why do you have this Indian here?” And I would think, “Yes, why do I have it – I can’t find a place for it.”

We Battle not Against Flesh and Blood

I ran to the living room, grabbed the poster, took it out of the frame and brought it to the backyard to burn it. The grass was at least four inches tall at the time. Knowing that the other poster was not easy to burn, I soaked the poster well in lighter fluid. I threw a lit match to it and stepped back as far and fast as I could, expecting it to explode. The flames went up high, and the poster burned for quite a while. When the flames died down, I came to take a look. The poster had not burned, and neither had the match. The only thing on the match that was burned was the head. I realized that this was not natural, and I told the Lord, “Well, Lord, I guess I am going to have to try again.” The Lord told me, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.” (2 Corinthians 10:4)

So, I put away the can of lighter fluid and the book of matches. But then, I thought, “Now, how am I going to do this?” I remembered where I had just come from and what I had seen: the church near Chicago, and the power of the name of Jesus to cast out demons. So, I thought all I had to do was to tell the poster to burn in the name of Jesus. I got close to it, and I commanded it to burn in the name of Jesus. I waited and waited. Nothing happened. I thought, “What did I do wrong? I know: I didn’t say it with enough authority.” So, I went back and commanded it to burn in the name of Jesus with a lot of “authority”. I waited and waited and waited. Nothing happened. I got frustrated, and I didn’t know what else to do. So, I told the Lord, “This Indian doesn’t want to burn. You’re going to have to send your fire from Heaven to burn it.”

I was there in the middle of the night, alone, looking at the poster that was lying on top of the grass. I saw a little flame come up from the ground. It was not more than 1/2″ high. All that lighter fluid had evaporated by now. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I got closer, and saw the flame get taller and taller. It was just under the upper left corner of the poster. It finally reached the poster and started burning it. It ran all along the upper edge of the poster, and then started coming down. The whole background was turning into ashes, then the feathers started turning into ashes, but the head of the Indian did not burn. The fire continued going down the sides of the poster, turning everything to ashes except for the body of the Indian. It burned the hatchet and reached the Indian’s feet. Because he was walking, his legs were separated. It went around the edges of the legs and met at the center point, and it stopped. And there it was: everything turned to ashes except the body of the Indian.

Because God had sent that fire from Heaven, I got mad at Satan for playing tricks with God’s fire. So, I yelled at the poster: “Indian, you’re going to burn in the lake of fire that God has prepared for you, and you’re going to burn now also, in the name of Jesus!” Immediately, small flames popped out all around the edges of the figure and consumed it in no time.

The Werewolf

Some years later, I started having a pain in my arm. It started getting worse. There was a little purple mark where it hurt. I couldn’t even use my arm, because if I moved it backwards, it would hurt. I attended a woman’s prayer meeting, and a group of women came and said that they were seeing something on my back, and that they wanted to pray for me. So, they surrounded me and started praying. The pain magnified. It was like my flesh was being torn. Tears started coming out of my eyes, and I started praying silently to God that the ladies would stop praying.

The following weekend, Win Worley came to a church in Beaumont for a seminar. I went and I told him about that pain, and he said that it was a demon. When he prayed for me, he asked the Holy Spirit to identify this particular demon as he prayed in tongues. Immediately, the Holy Spirit told him that it was a werewolf demon. So, he told me, and I said, “Get it out!” When he started commanding the demon, I felt that I wanted to get away from the pastor, but he was holding me by my hands, so I couldn’t push away. This demon started manifesting, drew my lips back, and I started growling like a wolf. It didn’t take long, and it threw my head back and howled, and it left in that howl. Praise God for deliverance! The pain in my arm was gone in a few days!

When I got home, the Lord told me that this werewolf demon had entered me because of the American Indian poster. It could have been that the poster depicted a witch doctor, or it could have been that the artist was also a witch doctor. (The four main gods that the American Indians have are the eagle, the bull, the wolf, the bear – the Indian “braves” take on one of these gods when they become braves.)

The Second Commandment

The second commandment says that we are not to have other gods or images of male or female humans or animals that fly in the air, walk on the earth or swim in the water. I had not only violated the second commandment by having an image of a person in my home, but also by having an image of a person who worships other gods, or actually demons, as the Bible says. By having this poster in my home, which God considered an abomination, I opened the door for the demon to come into me and do as he pleased.