The Miraculous Missing Cross

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The Miraculous Missing Cross

Many years ago, when I was still a baby Christian, my husband and I decided to take a rare vacation and go to Cozumel, Mexico. I went shopping and was amazed to see lots of Christian trinkets made of Mexican silver at bargain prices from street vendors. As I was buying them I was throwing them in my purse.  While I was on the plane, I pulled out my jewelry to look at it. My husband asked me what was I going to do with the jewelry, and I told him I was going to give some to our kids. He said, “Oh, no, don’t give anything to Richard (our son). I don’t want him wearing jewelry.” I said okay.

After returning home from the trip, I spread the jewelry out on our kitchen table so that our daughter could pick out what she wanted. There was one piece in particular I was hoping that she wouldn’t pick: it was a crucifix without the cross; in other words it was Jesus in the shape of the cross but without the cross behind him. It had a chain running through loops behind his outstretched hands.

My son came running into the breakfast room, saw the jewelry, and said he wanted one. I explained to him that his dad did not want him wearing jewelry. He kept insisting, and I started wondering how I would explain this to my husband. So I told him to pick something, and again inside I was praying that he would not pick the crucifix…but of course, that’s the very thing he picked. So, I told him, “Okay, Richard, you can have that, but you had better NOT lose it! You cannot wear it to the movies, or to school. You cannot wear it when playing with your friends.” “But mom,” he asked, “where can I wear it?” I told him that he could wear it to church only.

A few days later, I went into his bedroom, and I saw the chain on his desk, but no cross. I called him and asked him where the cross was. “I lost it in the backyard,” he said. “I was playing with the dog and I lost it out there somewhere.”

I said, “Well, we’re going to start looking for that cross right now, and we’re not going to stop until we find it!”  He said, “But mom, dad and I looked and looked for it already and could not find it!” We went to our very large backyard because I wanted him to show me where he was playing with the dog. It was under a big oak tree where the dog house was. It seemed pretty futile, but I was not going to give up until I found that cross. I told Richard, “Tomorrow, we are going to buy string and stakes and stake one-foot squares in the yard until we find that cross!”

Then it started raining for several days. Every day when I came home from work, I was frustrated because I could not go outside to find the cross. Finally, one day the sun was shining and by the time I came home it was dry. I did not have the string or stakes yet, but I gave my son a small gardening hand rake and I got another. I told him to start looking under the oak tree, and I started looking a few feet away. As I raked the grass, I was horrified at what was coming out: dead mowed grass, dead oak leaves and dog poop! And the Jesus (the cross) was in that mess? I implored the Lord, “Lord, you know I am not doing this for the money it cost me–was a bargain–but I don’t want “Jesus” to be in this mess!” Immediately, I heard a voice saying, “Don’t worry, don’t look for it any more, I’ll give it back to you!”

This voice came through my right ear. Then from my left ear I heard, “What makes you think that God talks to you?” In my mind, I answered, “ If God did not talk to me, Why am I so sure that He will give it to me?”  That voice did not answer back. I told my son, “Richard, stop! We don’t have to look for it any more. God is going to give it to us!”

In the interim, every time I came home from work, I had a desire to go look for it. But I would recall what the Lord had said, and the urge would leave.

A few days later, I came home from work and sat at the breakfast table to read the mail. Richard came running in and put the cross in front of me on the table.

I calmly said, “Okay, Richard, I know you did not find it, I know God gave it to you.” He nodded in assent. “Tell me how it happened”, I said. Inside, I was exploding with anticipation. He said, “Well, I was playing the dog, and all of the sudden I tripped and fell on my face in the grass, and the cross was laying on the grass right in front of my eyes!” He showed me the place, and it was where his dad and he had looked and looked!

I could only imagine an angel, sent by our God, perfectly placed the cross on that spot, waited for Richard, and then stuck out his leg for Richard to trip over it! Thank you, Jesus!

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