The Man You’re Going to Marry

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The Man You’re Going to Marry

When I was a teenager, I lived in Havana. West of Havana on the other side of the Almendares river there was an old development called Miramar. It was bordered by the gulf, and many parts of this coastline are beach, so there were several private yacht clubs along it.

We belonged to one of those clubs. I was part of the swim team there. In the summer, my aunt and I would be there every morning enjoying the sun and the sea. One morning we arrived quite early. I changed into my swimsuit and went out to the beach. There was no one there yet, only the maintenance employees of the club who doled out rowboats.

There was a wooden pier that was built several yards into the sea, so we would dive from the end of it. It was a wide pier, not for fishing but for sunbathing and hanging around with friends.

This morning I decided to walk to that pier. It was very quiet, and as I got on the pier I noticed how calm the atmosphere was. I looked at the water and was surprised when I saw no waves, just small ripples. The peace was engulfing me as I walked, and I was enjoying it. I got to the end of the pier, and all I could see was sea and sky. I stood there, absorbing the peace. I started looking at the sea, the sky and the horizon. I started looking at the horizon at my extreme right and slowly moved my line of sight toward the left, which was westward.

When I reached a certain point, sort of northwest, I heard a voice in my head saying, “The man you are going to marry is in that direction, on the other side of the sea!”

It was very clear, and I knew I did not imagine it. I was astounded. Then I remembered my mother saying that people who hear voices are demented. I decided I would not tell anyone what I heard. I put it on a “deep shelf.” I almost forgot it.

Fast forward in time. I came to the U.S. and met my husband in Gainesville, Florida. He was from Houston. He requested a transfer back to Houston from his company, and we moved and bought a house. One day I remembered what the voice had told me. I opened our Atlas to a map of the Gulf of Mexico. If you drew a straight line from the coast of Havana where I was standing to the city of Houston, this direction would be the same direction I was looking when I heard that voice.

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