The Life Preserver

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The Life Preserver

A number of years ago, I was attending a home group of a church I was attending. There was a middle-aged woman in the group, a former M.D., who asked for prayer every time we met, and was frequently going up to the alter for prayer also. She was always talking about her problems in the areas of primarily health and finances. She could no longer work as an M.D. for some reason and was doing medical billing out of her apartment to support herself.

We would all pray for her as she asked but nothing was changing in her life. One night I remember her talking about taking a mission trip to a south Asian country, I believe it was Thailand, and how she had visited a pagan temple. I immediately felt in my spirit that this was connected to her problems.

I found a booklet about curses and deliverance and I gave it to her. As I was speaking to her about it, I felt a wall, a complete rejection of what I was saying.

I prayed for her and the Lord gave me a vision. I saw a woman in the middle of the ocean flailing in the water and screaming for help.  Boats were coming from every direction, and one by one, a life preserver would be thrown to her with a rope. As soon as the lifebuoy ring was in front of her, she would turn her back to it and start screaming the other direction. Then, another ring with a rope would be thrown to her, and she would turn her back on that one, turn another direction and continue imploring for help

This vision seemed to describe the situation. People were constantly responding to her need for prayer, but it looks like if someone tried to give her some advice, she rejected it. I felt sorry for her. Something was keeping her from obtaining the victory she was seeking. I believe some of it was due to curses heaped upon her from being a Christian and walking into a Hindu temple.

Don’t be deceived by thinking that because you are a Christian that you are protected from the demons that infest a demon-worshipping country and especially a demon-infested temple. Unless the Lord specifically sends you to this country, AND you pray over the task and conduct spiritual warfare before you step foot into it, evil spirits could easily attach to you and cause you misery like the woman I described above. I suspect a lot of well meaning Christians go on mission trips to pagan countries because the church is sponsoring the trip (and it sounds like a fun adventure), and not because God is calling them to do it. So beware. Read Acts 16:6.

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