The King Who Scatters with His Eyes

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The King Who Scatters With His Eyes

Many years ago, I was invited to minister to a group of church ladies over a three-day weekend in Louisiana. I told my husband that I would leave at noon on Sunday to start the drive back to Houston.

We met at one of the ladies’ homes.  All the ladies were very sociable, as people are in small towns. There was one elderly lady that appeared to be the ultimate southern belle, and it seemed that everyone looked up to her as the revered “matriarch” of the group.

After I had been teaching a while on Jezebel, suddenly the elderly lady shouted at me, “Why don’t you go back to where you came from!” Everyone in the room was aghast, as this appeared to be out of character for her. I recognized it as a demon acting up, and I raised my voice and said, “Shut up, demon! I’ll deal with you later!” Again, you could hear everyone gasping for breath in disbelief at the exchange.

When I finished teaching, a young woman approached me and asked for ministry.  As I began to mister, a Jezebel demon manifested. As I dealt with Jezebel, The nice elderly lady manifested the same demon again and shouted, “You said you were going to deal with me later!” I asked my friend who came with me on the trip to continue ministering to the young woman, and I went to minister to the elderly lady. I ministered one-on-one all afternoon to anyone who requested ministry.

On Sunday, the lady of the house said, “Mitsi, you ministered to everyone but me!” So we sat in a small parlor to minister to her. There was a clock on the wall, and this was handy for me, because I could keep an eye on the time. Halfway through this ministry, the young lady with the Jezebel from Friday night came in and sat with my friend and another lady in one of the chairs.  When I finished ministering, I looked at the clock and it was five minutes to noon. I started to get up to leave, but the young lady came over and said, “Do you have five minutes?” I was getting ready to stay “no” but before I could, the Lord told me, “Do it!”

She explained that the Jezebel had not come out Friday night. In a hurry, I started commanding the Jezebel to manifest and leave. The demon manifested, but there was something wrong. My experience with this demon is that it manifests very arrogantly and ready to fight. However, this one was cowering, afraid of something. My friend who was sitting next to me can hear Jesus very easily. I asked her to ask Him what was happening. She prayed and then said, “Yes. It’s a demon. Yes, it’s a prince. Yes, it’s Lucifer.”

So, again, not wanting to waste time, I said, “Ok, Lucifer, manifest and get out.” Again, her face began to change and I could feel a coldness in the room. The best way I can describe her face was that it was like a cold, hard, stainless steel with unblinking eyes. She was gritting her teeth, and through those clenched teeth, without looking at me in the face, Lucifer began telling me that he was going to destroy me.

I responded, “You can’t, because the Lord is my fortress”. He said again he was going to destroy me. I said, “You can’t because the Lord is my strong tower.” He told me the same thing again. I said, “You can’t because I am at the shadow of His Wing.” When I said that, he blinked and said, “ All right, but if you come out from that Power, I will destroy you!”.

At that point in exasperation, I looked at the clock again and it was one minute to noon. I cried out, “Jesus, help me!” Suddenly, the demon blinked, seemed to be rattled and cried, “Don’t say that!” Aha! So, I said again louder, “Jesus, help me!!!”

All of the sudden, the young lady began making a bunch of gurgling sounds, and her torso came up off the couch in arch, so that her head was resting on the back of the sofa with her feet on the ground. Neither Ann nor I had ever seen such a thing in all our days of ministering. We just sat there for a minute watching this. All of the sudden the Lord gave me a vision of a home I used to live in that had a narrow corridor leading to the front door. There were dozens of men in the corridor all pushing each other to be the first to get out the door.

Finally, she settled back down into the couch and said, “He was here.”  We said, “Who was here?” She said, “Jesus. He was standing right there (she pointed to a spot about five feet from us on the carpet). She said “All He had to do was look, and the demons knew they had to go.”

Wow!  I subsequently learned that she had been a witch, in other words, she had made a pact with the devil. So when I was ministering to her, he dropped in to protect his territory – to no avail.

A few weeks later, I was reading my Bible, and I came across this proverb:

A king who sits on the throne of judgment scatters all evil with his eyes. (Proverbs 20:8)

Wow, and I saw this proverb in action!  Jesus sits upon the throne! Hallelujah!


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