The Flood and the Snake

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The Flood and the Snake

We took a week’s vacation at a Christian dude ranch in the Texas Hill Country. While checking in, it started raining. The receptionist exclaimed, “Oh! You brought the rain!” She explained that there had been a lot of prayer for rain. However, the rain turned into a raging flood, and eventually there was much destruction and tragedy in the area.

The guest buildings on this 750-acre ranch and were built on the highest ground, so the water did not reach the guest quarters. However, a small dam that held a fishing pond from the creek that ran through the ranch burst.

The spot where the dam broke was not where the overflow was planned to happen, so the creek was diverted to that area. I was curious to see the damage, but I first prayed that I would not see any snakes, because I was concerned that all the water would force them out of their hiding places. I hate snakes although I had never seen one in person.

I walked towards the area and observed some destruction. I saw a dead deer straddling a tree branch where flooding had occurred. I was close to where the creek was flowing now, and it was about 15-20 feet wide.

There was a standing rock nearby that was barstool height and about a foot wide. The top was flat and a little slanted to the front, so it seemed an ideal place to sit.

I sat there with my feet on the ground, and I locked my knees so that I would not slide down. I closed my eyes and started praying. In a few minutes, my knees seemed to disappear—I did not feel them, and I slid down to the ground.

I got up and look at the rock in amazement. What had happened? I sat again, with my feet firmly on the ground, and I locked my knees again. I continued praying. Right away, my knees disappeared again, and I slid down. I got up in amazement. Suddenly, I had the impression to look to my right toward the creek. There I saw a long snake floating and swimming in my direction, moving just the way they move on dry ground. It was a poisonous water moccasin.

I ran away as fast as I could. Praise God that He heard my prayer. Did he send an angel to make my knees buckle for a second?

I am a senior now and have never had that happen with my knees—before or since!

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