The Day of the Bird

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The Day of the Bird

I was at home, sitting at my dressing table, trying to put some make-up on. My husband and children started calling me. “Come right away, you have to see this!”

They showed me a tree across the street from our front door. All the neighborhood birds were on that tree: sparrows, mockingbirds, cardinals, blue jays, grackles, etc. And they were making the loudest racket, each one in his way. Then my husband pointed out a grackle laying on the grass beneath the tree, on his back, with its legs sticking up.

“He must be dead,” he said. I crossed the street to see the bird. His eyes were open. He was alive. I picked him up to find out what was wrong with the bird. It seemed okay but not moving. I wrapped it in a rag and put it on a basket on my dressing table to keep an eye on it while putting on my make-up.

In a while, the bird revived. It stood up and shook its feathers. I grabbed the bird and went to the backyard. I let it go and it flew to a big tree. I went back into the house.

A few minutes later, I heard the racket again. I ran out, and now our tree was full of birds screaming, and the black bird was on the ground, same as before.

I grabbed the bird again, wrapped it and put it back in the basket, keeping on eye on him while wondering what was going on. It came alive again, but this time his eye was looking at me with hatred. Its pupils were enlarging and shrinking.

I asked the Lord, “What is the matter with this bird?” “It has a demon,” He said. Immediately, I commanded the demon out in the name of Jesus. The bird jumped up a foot from the basket, and fell on the floor, dead.

Looking for answers, I asked Pastor Win Worley about it. All he could tell me was that when we exorcise a small animal, the animal dies. What I feel is that witchcraft performed gives the right to the demon to remove the animal’s soul before entering. I feel that there was some kind of spell sent to me through the bird, but it did not work.

If any of you readers know anything about the subject, let me know.

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