The Bright White Light Glory of God

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The Bright White Light Glory of God

When I was a little girl (and an only child), my parents and I lived in an apartment building in Havana, Cuba. This was near the end of WWII, and water and electricity was rationed. There was no TV in those days, so every night after dinner, the adults would talk in the living room. Due to the rationing, the living room was the only room that was lighted, and I was very afraid of the dark. At 8pm every night, my parents would tell me that it was time for me to go to bed. I always begged my mother or my aunt to walk with me to my bedroom to turn the light on.

One night my father got tired of this routine, and he told me he was going to walk with me to my room and show me that there was nothing to be afraid of. We walked down the dark corridor and he turned on my bedroom light. Then he told me, “See, there’s nothing to be afraid of. So now promise me that you will come to your bedroom by yourself.” I felt I had no choice but to promise, so I did. I was still apprehensive and sure that if I reached into a dark room to turn on a light switch, something horrible would grab my hand.

The following night my father told me to go to bed. Remembering my promise, I did not say a word and started walking. My walk down the dark corridor was filled with fear and trembling, but I was trying to overcome the feeling. It took all my strength to slip my hand in and find the switch, but I turned the light on. With a sigh of relief, I took my pajamas and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I turned the light on, the light bulb promptly burned. I already knew how to change bulbs, so I unscrewed the burned bulb, took a bulb from my bedroom lamp and went to the bathroom to install it.

As I approached the fixture with bulb in hand, something very unusual happened. There was a sound like a dull “pop” over my head, and a small cloud of very white light appeared right in front and over my head where I could see it. Strangely, I was not scared—I was looking at the light in wonder. The light penetrated my eyes and came into my body. This light had substance, because I felt it going down to my feet and then coming back up again. When it reached my throat, my mouth opened and I screamed a horrible scream. I continued to be amazed because not only was I not frightened, but I also did not feel like screaming. I thought that my parents would be alarmed at my screaming, so I ran to the door to tell them I was okay. They were already running toward me.

I tried to speak, but I couldn’t because another scream came out. My mother threw me on my bed, and my father went to get a doctor friend of ours who lived in the same building. I continued to scream, and all my mother could do was look at me worriedly. At last the screams finally stopped. The first thing I said to my mother was, ” Mother, that was not me screaming! I did not want to scream!”

The next night my father told me to go to bed, as usual. This time I just walked down the dark corridor with no fear at all, thinking, “With all that happened last night, why should I be afraid?”

Little did I know!

Fast forward to 1977. I had emigrated to the USA. I became a born again Christian in a supernatural way. I heard the Lord’s voice, I had dreams and visions, I read the Bible from cover to cover several times, I went to church every time it was open, and in 1980 I had a prayer meeting in my house every Friday night. One day I heard the Lord tell me, “You have demons and you need to have them cast out.”

I had never heard of such a thing in any of the churches I had attended or from any of my Christian friends. I needed to find a deliverance minister, so I asked a couple of friends whom I considered very mature in the Lord. The first person I called asked me, “Why do you want to know about deliverance?”  I replied, “Because I want to have demons cast out of me.” He laughed and said that I did not have any demons. I asked, ”How do you know that?” “Because,” he said, “you go to church all the time, you read your Bible, you have a meeting in your home, and people like you don’t have demons!”

I was not going to give up, but I did not know how to find a deliverance minister. There was no Internet at that time. However, my friend called to tell me that he had been reading a book by pastor Win Worley. He thought that I might like to read it. I ordered the book from Worley’s church, and it came with an invitation to the next deliverance workshop to be held in his church. I immediately called and made all the arrangements to fly there for the next conference.

After arriving at the conference, I found myself having plenty of deliverance. The demons came out of me screaming horribly. Then I realized what had happened years before…. I realized that that bright, white cloud of light must have been what is called the Shekinah glory of God who entered my body and pushed out all the demons of fear that were tormenting me – and they came out screaming.

When I got back home, I asked my mother and my aunt if they remembered the time when the light appeared. They both excitedly said, “Of course we remember! The whole apartment lit up!”

Thank you, Jesus, for your awesome deliverance power!

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