Super-Duper-Natural Story

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Super-Duper-Natural Story

I became a born again Christian in a supernatural way. I heard the Lord’s voice, I had dreams and visions, I read the Bible from cover to cover several times, I went to church every time it was open, and in 1980 I had a prayer meeting in my house every Friday night. One day I heard the Lord tell me, “You have demons and you need to have them cast out.”

I had never heard of such a thing in any of the churches I had attended or from any of my Christian friends. I needed to find a deliverance minister, so I asked a couple of friends whom I considered very mature in the Lord. The first person I called asked me, “Why do you want to know about deliverance?”  I replied, “Because I want to have demons cast out of me.” He laughed and said that I did not have any demons. I asked, ”How do you know that?” “Because,” he said, “you go to church all the time, you read your Bible, you have a meeting in your home, and people like you don’t have demons!”

I was not going to give up, but I did not know how to find a deliverance minister. There was no Internet at that time. However, my friend called to tell me that he had been reading a book by pastor Win Worley. He thought that I might like to read it. I ordered the book from Worley’s church, and it came with an invitation to the next deliverance workshop to be held in his church. I immediately called and made all the arrangements to fly there for the next conference.

After arriving at the conference, I found myself having plenty of deliverance. The demons came out of me screaming horribly. The woman who was ministering to me told me that I had a white ceramic Buddha statue in my home that I needed to destroy. Here’s how that thing ended up in my home….

Years ago when I was not yet a born again Christian, I went to a Japanese restaurant with my husband. When you ordered a drink, you got your choice of one of four white ceramic figurine souvenir glasses used to serve your drink. I chose a geisha. Once you got your table, the waitress brought your souvenir glass in a package. When I got home and opened my package, I was disappointed to find an ugly pot-bellied man (a Buddha) instead of the geisha. I thought about trashing it, but I liked the white ceramic, so I kept it and put a floral arrangement in it.

The woman ministering to me told me, “When you get home, put it in a paper bag, destroy it and rebuke it in the name of Jesus.”  She continued ministering and said, “Do you have American Indian blood?” “No,” I said, “I have Spanish and French blood.” She said, “Then you have something Indian in your house.”  I tried to remember if I had any native blankets or artifacts, but nothing came to mind. I had never purchased anything of the sort.

When I returned home, I destroyed the ceramic figure, and I took down a Darth Vader poster that my son had. I heard demons being cast out saying their name as Darth Vader during this conference. I took it outside and burned it. It did not burn easily. Then I sat with my daughter to tell her about my deliverance experience. When I got to the part about the American Indian blood, I remembered! Here’s the story…

I had an Interior Design business at the time, and I had gone to an art gallery opening. The trend at that time was the New Mexico style, and the gallery opening was for the work of an American Indian artist famous at that time. He was very talented and his work was contemporary American Indian themes only. I bought a poster size print of an Indian walking in profile. The Indian had a long feather headdress and a hatchet in his hand. I could never find a spot for that poster. It seemed that it just didn’t feel right or look right no matter where I tried hanging it. Eventually, I gave up and just leaned it against the wall in my living room.

The living room is where I read my Bible every morning. One day I heard the Lord ask me, “Why do you have that Indian in here?” In my mind, I said, “Yes, I can’t find a place for it anyway!”

So, back to when “I remembered”. It was getting dark outside. I ran to take the print out of the frame and to the backyard to burn it. I laid the print on the grass, which was about five inches tall at the time. Thinking about the Darth Vader poster burning difficulty I experienced, I put a LOT of lighter fluid on it, so much so that I was afraid of getting too close with the match. I lit the match, threw it on the poster and jumped back. Immediately the flames danced really high on the poster for a good while and then died out. The poster was intact, and only the head of the match was burned. I realized that this was a demonic experience, and I started to get upset at the devil.

I was still holding the matches and the fluid. I told the Lord, “I guess I have to do this again.” He told me, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal…” (2 Corinthians 10:4) That surprised me, but I thought about where I had just come from, a church that cast out demons with the words of their mouth. Just command in the name of Jesus! I told Him, “Okay, I will put these away.”

I commanded the poster to burn in the name of Jesus. I waited and waited. Nothing happened. I figured I did not say it with enough authority. I said it again, waited and watched, and nothing, and again, nothing. It was getting late and spooky, but I was a woman on a mission. Finally, I appealed to the Lord. “Lord, this poster does not want to burn! You are going to have to send your fire from Heaven!”

I was looking at the poster from a short distance. In the dark of the night, I saw a little light under the poster, coming out of the ground, right under the corner of the poster closest to me. The little flame took its time but got larger. It finally got long enough to touch the poster, the five-inch length of the grass, which was holding the poster up.  I ran to it because I didn’t want to miss a thing!

The short flames were now moving on the upper edge of the poster from left to right. When they reached the other corner, the smoldering fire moved down, turning the background to ashes. Soon the flames reached the Indian’s head and started burning the feathers, but not the head. The smoldering continued moving down, burning the length of the feathers and the hatchet but not the body. The burning continued down to the feet, which were separated, walking in profile, then turned around the feet and up the legs where they join. At that point, the burning stopped, leaving the body of the figure intact, surrounded by the ashes. It looked like a paper doll cutout.

I saw that and got really angry at the devil. I raised my voice and said, “Indian, you are going to burn in the lake of fire God has prepared for you, and you are going to burn now, also, in the name of Jesus!”

At that moment, flames sprouted again, this time all around the edges of the figure and worked their way into the center of the Indian turning it to ashes.

I thanked the Lord and went back inside. The job was done.

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