How I Was Called to the Deliverance Ministry

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How I Was Called to the Deliverance Ministry

Around late Spring of 1980, it was the voice of the Lord in my ear that told me, “You have demons, and you need to have them cast out. ”

I had been raised strictly, and all I did was study.  I studied from elementary through six years of college. In my third year of college, I started working part time. When the university closed due to the political climate in Cuba, I worked full time. I did not have time to be “bad”. I had always obeyed my parents. My dates were chaperoned, as that was the custom in Cuba at the time. I never dabbled in the occult, etc. Yet, the Lord told me I had demons, and I believed Him, so I called my Christian friends who were more mature than myself, asking them if they knew of a deliverance minister. Their answer was, “Why do you need a deliverance minister?” I told them. They laughed and told me I did not have any demons. So, I asked them, “How do you know?” They replied, “Because you go to church all the time, you read your Bible, you even have a weekly  prayer meeting at your house. People like you don’t have demons!!”

Who do you think I was going to believe? While I was trying to figure out how to find a deliverance minister, a friend called me and told me about a book he was reading about deliverance.  I ordered that book, written by the Pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church in Indiana, Win Worley. When the book arrived, there was an invitation to a three-day deliverance workshop to be held the following month. I immediately made arrangements to attend. (P.S. when these “coincidences” happen, they are a not coincidences; they are the manifestation of the help of the Living God when we are in need, directing our steps.)

I copied a page of the book and mailed it to my pastor for his opinion. When he arrived for my weekly prayer meeting, I asked him about it. He scoffed, so I decided not to tell him I was going to the workshop.

That night, a young woman the pastor had invited was sitting behind me during the meeting. She seemed to be depressed, and after the teaching, the pastor sat next to her and started praying. I began praying in tongues and the Lord told me, “Put your hand on her!” I turned and touched her knee with my hand. At that moment a demon began manifesting in her. The pastor got mad and left and sat in a corner, but his wife came and tried to cast the demon out. Almost everyone left right away. The demon threw the girl to the floor, but in a while the girl calmed down and left.

That Sunday morning after the service, the pastor called people up front for prayer needs. A Hispanic woman came and spoke to him. The pastor called me up front, and he told me that the woman could no longer pray in tongues, and for me to pray for her. I was overwhelmed, because I had never been called to the altar to pray for someone, and I felt inadequate. A scripture came to my mind, and I told the woman, “The Word says if we agree, the Lord will do it. Try to pray in tongues, and I will pray in tongues along with you.” So, we did, but the Lord told me right away, “Put your hand on her stomach.” I did, and a demon manifested! I knew what it was, because I had just seen it happen. “Here I am, Lord, first time I come to the altar to pray for someone, and it is a demon! Who am I to cast out a demon?”

This was a very, very small church. The pastor was up on the platform talking to somebody, but facing the congregation. I waved at him to come. He did not acknowledge. I waved again and again, and got the same reaction. I decided to call his wife. I waved at her, but she seemed to be looking through me. We were not that far apart at all. I got tired of waving at her, so I waved to the one elder the church had. Same reaction. It was eerie, like I was in an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. It seemed that they could not see me. I thought, “I am invisible!”

Immediately, the Lord told me, “I AM with you, and I AM enough!” Right away, I commanded the demon to come out in the name of Jesus, and it came out.

Soon enough, I was at the deliverance workshop. I learned a lot from the experienced teachers invited to speak, and I also received much deliverance, with demons leaving by horrific screams and saying their names. The screams were like the ones I screamed when the cloud of light appeared when I was a child, and then I understood that the Lord had delivered me of spirits of fear at that time. When I got home, I asked my mother and my aunt if they remembered that day. They replied, “Of course we do, the whole house lit up!” And, then I understood why they were already running down the corridor before I started screaming.

I told my friends about my deliverance, and they started bringing people for ministry to me. I continued to go to deliverance workshops and meetings, and I read every book about deliverance that I could find. The Lord also guided me and gave me words of knowledge as I ministered, learning from Him also.

I have been ministering deliverance ever since, in spite of receiving opposition from many pastors and rabbis. I forgive them because they have been deceived and do not know the truth about spiritual warfare.

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